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Always wear comfortable walking boots or stout shoes when rambling. Inadequate footwear on a long walk can turn an enjoyable experience into a miserable one. Also, conditions underfoot can be very muddy, and you would not want to ruin your fashionable trainers. If you are unsure visit a specialist walking gear shop and ask their advice.

If you visit a pub on a walk remove or cover your boots.

Dress suitably for the weather you are likely to encounter and bring extra layers, if need be, to be prepared for unpredictable weather changes. Several light layers of clothing are preferable to fewer, heavier layers. Even on the coldest days you can quickly warm up when walking so be prepared to remove a layer while remaining protected from the elements.

Avoid cotton clothing as it absorbs and retains moisture, and on a wet day you will be cold and uncomfortable. Even on a warm, dry day, cotton will absorb perspiration. For this reason you will rarely see a rambler wearing jeans. Quick-drying, breathable garments made from artificial fibre are advisable.

Many experienced walkers during the summer months will happily brave light rain-showers without putting on water-proof garments as their light, breathable clothing will quickly dry when the sun comes out again.

Don't forget to take a change of footwear for your journey home.

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