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Here are some questions which we are often asked, with brief answers and links to pages that contain more comprehensive information on the topic in question.

  1. How can I join the Ramblers and/or the City of Birmingham Group?
    Please see the Membership page.
  2. Do I have to join the Ramblers to walk with you?
    No, non-members may walk with us on up to three Sunday or Week-day walks before membership is required (the Sunday coach fare is still required from non-members). Non-members may also walk with us on any number of Public walks.
  3. Where can I find information about your programme of walks and other activities?
    Mainly on the Current programme page, although you will also see specific events more prominently advertised on the Welcome page as the time for them approaches. We also have a printed programme which you can obtain from us on walk-days.
  4. Does it cost anything to join the Group or take part in its activities?
    There is a membership fee to join the Ramblers, payable to the Ramblers national organisation. There are also costs associated with specific activities, such as coach fares, organised meals, holidays, day-trips etc. There is no charge for simply joining us on a walk when there is no group-organised travel involved.
  5. Do I have to book beforehand?
    Certain events are specifically marked as requiring prior booking, but except on these special occasions you can just turn up on the day ready to walk.
  6. What if the coach is full on a Sunday?
    As long as you arrive in good time before departure, we can arrange for members' cars to be used to take people for whom there is no space on the coach. The usual coach-fare is still payable in these circumstances. Late-comers may sadly have to be left behind though.
  7. What should I put in my rucksack?
    Don't carry too much. As a bare minimum, you should have food and hot or cold drink for the day. To prevent de-hydration, it is a good idea to carry water to drink as you walk. Something warm and waterproof to wear, unless you are already wearing it, perhaps a dry pair of socks, and maybe a small rug or mat to sit on over damp ground. Leave space to carry any layer of clothing you may wish to remove during the walk.
  8. Will there be a pub visit during the walk?
    We usually incorporate a lunch-time visit to a pub or tea-room, although this is not guaranteed. For obvious reasons we cannot usually eat our own food in these establishments, unless the management have given their permission beforehand. Please remove or cover muddy boots before entering.

This page was up to date on 01/04/2017.