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Our Group considers footpath work to be one of its most important activities. Without volunteers, County Councils would either be unable to maintain footpaths or would need considerably more resources in terms of funding and manpower. We have a work party out on a monthly basis under the guidance and direction of a Warwickshire County Council Volunteer Liaison Officer. Members of the party thoroughly enjoy the workdays for a number of reasons:

  1. we are being useful and "putting something back"
  2. we are learning new skills
  3. we enjoy social activity and friendship
  4. we are keeping fit, using different muscles from those used in rambling
  5. we get a sense of satisfaction in a job well done
  6. we are maintaining good relationships with the authorities and land owners
  7. we are publicising the Ramblers' Association

A worksheet and map are provided by the Council.

The photographs here illustrate one of our jobs at Corley Moor near Coventry.

The photographs in the slide show below illustrate a similar job being done at Willey, near Rugby.

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