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To become a member of the City of Birmingham Group, you must join the Ramblers nationally and specify the City of Birmingham Group (WK01) as the one you wish to join.

There is a membership fee to join the Ramblers, payable to the Ramblers national organisation. There is no further membership fee payable to the City of Birmingham Group.

Potential members may join up to three rambles before a Ramblers membership application is required for continued group activity. Ramblers application forms are available on request and it is possible to join or renew your membership on-line.

Members of the Ramblers are entitled to walk with any Ramblers Group and can elect to join a Group even if they do not live in that Group's area.

If you are not a member of the Birmingham Ramblers Group and would like to transfer your Ramblers membership to this Group please contact the Ramblers Central Office. Also if you change your address, but you wish to to stay in this Group, please inform Ramblers Central Office accordingly.

You can also make these changes by amending your membership profile on-line.

Enquiries relating to your membership of the City of Birmingham Group should be made using the enquiry page.

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