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If you are a Facebook user then why not visit our Facebook Page, where programmed events and public announcements will often be posted.

Oh, and please don't forget to "Like" this website.

Follow @cobramblers on Twitter for up to date announcements and reminders about forthcoming events. Our Twitter feed appears on the right on every page of this site, and is linked to our Facebook page so it displays the latest updates.

Please re-tweet our walk announcements. Your followers may come and "follow" us (in more ways than one).

If you have taken some good photographs on one of our walks, and would like to share them, please tweet them to us or upload them to the event on the Facebook page. Please do not upload photographs which have not been taken either by yourself or by someone you know with their permission. We may pick the best ones for inclusion on this site.

We also have a page on Meetup, a popular social networking site.

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