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The Ramblers' Association website has a facility known as the Walks Finder, which allows you to search for walks within a specified distance of any location, and selected according to a number of criteria.

Ramblers' members who are logged in may also download GPX files for use with programmable GPS devices.

It's not just our walks that you can find there though, so wherever you are, and which ever group you wish to walk with, you can find a walk to suit you. Information about our own group's walks is added to the Walks Finder by our Footnotes editor David Sutton, who has also produced this handy guide to using it.

Listed below are our own walks as retrieved from the Walks Finder, with links to the Ramblers' website which will give you more complete information about each walk.

However, if you are a regular walker with our group, and you only wish to see our own walks and our other events, we recommend that you continue to use the current programme page.

This page was up to date on 01/04/2017.